Monday, March 9, 2015


My partner in the #bitchesgetstitchesswap was Madison of Shop Corner 52.

Madison is a new sewist and business owner, and I wanted to show her support and offer her some advice for those days when nothing seems to be going your way, or when you get a flood of negativity from mean people.

So I made her this:

This is the reality of my work space...
It took me forever to piece the letters because I was using too small scraps, and finally had to upgrade to larger pieces. Then everything went smoothly. It's funny how we save so many tiny scraps... from now on, I'll use those on greeting cards or maybe as sewn decoupage.
Of course, Since I had all of that pretty color out, I had to sort my scrap stash by color and then by size, so that next time, it would be easier to choose what I now know I need. 

I purchased the paper pieced type writer letter patterns from Quiet Play. They are wonderful! They were quite inexpensive, and I know I will use them again and again. 
She does have upper case as well, in case you need them ;)

Then I spent a billion hours tying all of the ends of my quilting!!But it is so worth it, I have had way too much backstitched quilting come out over time! And it gave me an excuse to watch an entire season of Psych! on Netflix, so no harm, no foul!

Madison is a Tula Troop (a fan of Tula Pink's fabrics), but then, who isn't??!! 
I chose to use only Tula Pink scraps in this quilt, with the exception of the Elementary as the background to the letters, and... 

The Blah Blah Blah fabric (A Maxine fabric) as the hanger pockets. So that if she is having a bad day, she can always turn the mini over and get a chuckle. 

The binding is all Tula scraps from different 10" layer cakes. I think using layer cake scraps gives a nice mix, that is spaced well. Not too many prints, too close together, along the binding.

I tried to have the binding prints shimmer, by placing them from light to dark, in succession. What do you think??

I hope that you go out today, and 
Do some Epic Shit!!! 

Ps, all of my quilting ladies think she will hang this Mini in her bathroom... 

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  1. You always give me a chuckle Lori!

    Thanks for sharing this fun project with Oh Scrap! (Which I am always fearful every time I type it that I will accidentally drop the S!)

  2. I think it is a super fun mini quilt, and your arrangement of colors on the binding is a great effect. I hope it is a great reminder and inspiration for your partner. :)

  3. Brilliant mini and it really does look like the binding shimmers from going light/dark alternates ... this will definitely not live in the bathroom lol :)

  4. Really awesome and inspirational mini! The binding adds such a cool effect! I love the raindrop print.

  5. Love this mini! Quilts with a sense of humor are awesome, and this is something that would make me smile every time I look at it. I'm sure your partner will love it!

  6. I hope you don't mind but I put your quilt as a screen saver on my computer at home! If there is a problem just let me know and I will remove it. Love it!!! Would love to be a part of the bitchesgetstitches if they do another swap. Great work!!
    flickr - dusty911 -

    1. What an honor, thank you Daria!!! Of course you can put it up, anywhere you like!! XX! Lori

  7. I love this mini, and I love your style!!

  8. Bwahaha! She may indeed hang it in the loo and enjoy your humour every day! Love those Quiet play letters too though I find paper piecing a right pain I have to say until I get back into it. Great use of scraps and thank you for sharing your projects with us at #scraptastictuesay

  9. Wherever she hangs it, it's a great little quilt/reminder :-)

  10. LOVE! That's my laugh for the day. :-)

  11. ha ha, funny! Perfect piecing and fabrics!

  12. Paper pieced letters. Awesome. I hope she doesn't hang it in the bathroom. HaHa.

  13. In the bathroom?!!! Now that's taking things a little to literally! But good for a laugh! Really. Seriously. This is the cutest. Love the fabrics and those tiny letters were totally worth it. Looks so fabulous! Love the hanging tabs, too. I have honestly considered writing a blog post ful of "Blah, blah, blah" with photos before.

  14. I laughed! We should ALL do more epic shit! :D Great finish, and I loved reading about the details.

  15. It turned out beautiful, love the coveted fabrics you used and the font on the LV!

  16. So LOVE this! Definitely do epic shit! Great job!