Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's a Doe! A Stash! A Girl-y Stash!

It's time for another Stash Sunday over at the home of the Glitterati, the place where all things wonder-filled go to hang, Molli Sparkles!!

This week, I single handedly kept small businesses afloat. What can I say? I'm patriotic like that.

I have two new additions to the stash to show ya:

First we have the unbelievably sweet and timeless bliss of Lecien's Flower Suger. 

I purchased my bundle of candy goodness over at Sew Me a Song. The service was fast, the price was incredibly reasonable, and my order came sealed in a waterproof bag; a big plus here in Alaska. 
Here is a pic of a half yard bundle she has online, as we speak. I dare you to get there before I do ;)
Squee! I know, right??!

Next up is Doe.
I mean, really. What can I say? I am speechless in wonder at what Carolyn Friedlander does. Every last thing.
 So VERY VERY good!
Here is the whole line. At least as far as I know. Please wipe the drool from your screen, 
 You're gonna want to see this...
Here are what I would classify as her Golden Yellows. Darker and richer than those in the Architextures or Botanics lines. They complement and add to these lines in rich and thoughtful ways. Every color except the green is represented. Each new colorway extends the idea, and creates a depth that makes this line in combination with Architextures and Botanics, a true phenomenon. 
I have placed them together on their own shelf, and I have to time myself when I walk by, so that I don't get sucked in and spend the entire day contemplating the amazing marvels to be made from them.
The white is a snow white on white, something that we don't have enough modern prints in, and 
I can easily see how the other neutrals could be used in almost anything. I found it interesting that she chose to do a simple grid. I bet we'll be seeing that in traditional and modern makes around the world!
And for a spectacular finale, we have the teals and blues. And of course, that fabulous splash of orange!!

Be still my heart!!!

I purchased my Doe fat quarter bundle from Fabric Spot, in Canada. The shipping to the US was expensive, but worth every penny. I have not found it for sale in the US, yet.

What did you add to your stash, this week?? 
Inquiring minds need to know!

Ps, I am not an affiliate of any of these sellers. I just like fabric. Alot. A very lot. Lol!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Quilt

Today, I bring you Fall-ing in Love, my quilt celebrating Late Summer turning to Early Autumn and all of the joys of the Fall Season.

I'm timely like that!! 

Here she is!
A quilt to celebrate the gloriousness of long warm summer days, that melt into velvet star spangled darkness. Just right for a bonfire with family and friends.

Oops! I still have some trimming, and then quilting to do...
Now that early Winter has arrived, she is particularly apt. 
Because her dark Navy ground entices you with comfort and snuggly thoughts, just as our Winter evenings in front of a newly laid fire, do. 
Her velvety texture beckons like our dark evening skies... Come out! Explore! 
Our drifted powdery snows reflect all of the moonlight, sparkling and twinkling in their own merry dances. Impossible to resist their call! 

What's worse, snow or sand, to get off of a quilt you're trying to get a picture of
 in the only 3 minutes of sun that day? Lol!!
Go out into the sweet night, light and clear blue, and chortle and sing and roll in the snow. There'll be hot chocolate or hot tea and snuggles under a quilt, waiting for you. 
And the next morning, A morning for Giving Thanks, 
A surprise will be waiting...
A little furry, delicious cannot resist wanting to touch its velvety, droopy nose, Mooseling. 
Mom is around somewhere... Look both ways before you go out the back door!

I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate Family and Friends and all of the wonder that the world has to offer, this Thanksgiving. 
I know that I am so very glad that you stop by :))

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