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Free Kitty Kozy Pattern and Tutorial

Kitty Kozy Pattern and Tutorial

 Fall has arrived in  Alaska, and I can tell you, the cats are on me like Barnacles! I have to pry them off of me, anytime I move, since I am clearly their only source of heat and succor in the Frozen Arctic North that is our living room ;0 

So, I made them these Kitty Kozies so that they can feel loved and cuddled, even when I can't be with them :)
This Kitty Kozy was claimed the moment I put it down to photograph it. 
What is a Kitty Kozy, you ask?? And where can I get this miraculous piece of Feline Furniture?? Well, right here, folks!
A Kitty Kozy is any fabric design that you and your fluffy furball desire (or let's be real... what THEY desire), and that won't show your particular muse's fur leavings, mounted onto a heat reflective, padded, backing. I have used ironing board cover in my Kitty Kozies. 

This is the perfect place to use up all of your left-over blocks! And how about changing them with the seasons?? I have a Holly Jolly Kitty Kozy, a Seaside Kitty Kozy, and a ScaredyKat Kozy, already ;)

Fabric scraps, I used left over 2 1/2" strips
Heat reflective material, with batting attached. I used ironing board cover. This is a great use for that old ironing board cover or that coupon to your local megastore!
School or fabric glue 
Matching thread for top and bottom
80/12 needle

1) Measure the desired surface to be covered, measure your feline friend. Make your Kozy at least 6" larger all around for those 'lying before the fire' sprawling poses. 

2) Cut the heat reflective fabric to this measurement. I made one Kitty Kozy that laps over the arm of our sofa, so that it is a Two Kitty Kozy for those arm lovers out there. So I doubled my original measurement and added 4" for the bend. Why not measure your chair arm and tailor your Kozy to fit? 

3) Sew together scraps or loved but unused blocks in a manner that you and your furry friend find attractive. Or at least in a manner that your guests will not gawk at...

4) Press seams to one side, towards dark material, all in the same direction.


Method 1:
1) Make your top 2" larger or more, all of the way around, than your heat reflective bottom. (I realize what I just said... but that's why cats love us, isn't it??)

2) Place the assembled top and the bottom, WST (Wrong Sides Together)

3) Fold one long edge, so that the raw edge just touches the raw edge of the heat reflective material. Go all of the way to the end, our corners will not be mitered. Press well.

4)Fold this edge again, wrapping it up and over the raw edge of the heat reflective material. Press. Spot glue along the entire edge, near to, but not touching, the fold.

5) Press again, setting the glue.

6) Continue around the sides, in sequence, folding twice and glueing and pressing as you go.

7) Using thread that matches your top and bottom, respectively, top stitch all of the way around the Kozy. 

8) Stitch again, nearer the outside edge to help the Kozy maintain its structure throughout the rough and tumble that will occur the moment you put them in place.

Method 2:
1) Assemble your top and cut it to match the size of your heat reflective bottom ;)

2) Place top and bottom, RST, right sides together

3) Clip or pin all of the way around, leaving a 4" gap along one edge to turn them through.

4) Sew 1/2" seam all of the way around, starting at one side of the 4" gap, and ending at the other, without sewing the gap shut. Back stitch at the beginning and end. 

5) Trim the corners. Be careful not to cut through your stitches!

6) Turn right side out, gently easing first one corner and then the next, through the 4" gap that you left. 

7) Using a dull, rounded pokey object (I use a pencil), poke out the corners. Run your pokey object along the side stitching as well, to push it out so that you can get a nice clean edge

8) Press thoroughly. Turn the edges of the gap in so that they match the rest of your edge seam. Press. You may wish to use a spot of glue here, as well.

9) Top stitch all of the way around. I topstitched at 5/8". Backspace to hold your stitches at the end. 

Et Voila!!!
Your Kitties will love and adore you even more than they do now!!! 

If that were even possible:)

I hope you enjoy your Kitty Kozies!! Please post pics of any that you make using the hashtag 

I can't wait to see what you make!!!!

I sure wish  you were here!!!

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