Friday, July 31, 2015

Stash Sunday: Anna Maria Horner Stash Sale Bonanza!

I recently saw that Anna Maria Horner was having a stash sale over on her website... And you know I HAD to answer that clarion call of savings!!

First the voiles called to me...
Banner days Magenta, and Echinacea Sparkle, from Pretty Potent
And then they called some more!!
Pretty Potent
But then, oh THEN...
Joel Dewberry
Let's see that AGAIN!
Field Study and Cherry
Aloe Vera Voile

What a Haul!!!!
 In no time at All!!

I hope you have signed up for Designers' newsletters. They are an excellent source of deals. I wouldn't want you to miss ANY!!

Now, don't forget that this week Calico Cat Fabrics has Free Domestic Shipping on any order $40 or more (code LOVE2SEW), and $5 off of International shipping (Code LOVE2SEW5). 

I hope you had a magnificent week!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday! Rainbow Goodness!

Man oh Man! There is A LOT of excitement going on over here at SewPsyched!! 
A tidbit of my Being Charming is a Plus quilt, to whet your appetites!!
Here it is pre-assembly...
Made entirely with Kona Cotton Solids. Greys and black from a Silent Film layer cake, and Charm centers from a Kona Summer Colors Charm Pack. The Plus arms are from an Elizabeth Hartman design roll. 
I am quilting it with a wonky rainbow of lines in Aurifil 50 wt threads. This is just the beginning.... There will be a Lot more color!

What FUN! 

This quilt will last forever!! The Kona cottons are broadcloth, the batting is Warm and Natural 100% cotton, and the backing is a surprise! Ha! 
But you will love it :)

When this quilt is finished, I will auction it off in the SewPsyched! Care Along II. 


I prefer to have Care Alongs, rather than straight up sales, when selling my own makes, because, Hey, why not make the World a better place and give some family a lovey at the same time??

This Care Along II will auction this lap sized quilt, with 50% of the proceeds, after shipping, going to the winner's charity or person of their choice. 
In my last Care Along I, the winners chose various charities, and one chose an individual, to receive half of the proceeds. How nice is that?! I love it when folks want to make the world a better place!

When it is finished, I will put notices up on a Finish It Up Friday, and over on IG. I'm thinking of running the auction over there, as it is easier for more people to see where their bid stands. What do you think? Would you rather see it here, on the blog? 

I am SO looking forward to telling you other fun and exciting news that is coming up!
But, you'll have to wait, for now ;)

Have a Marvelous Day!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tula Pink Elizabeth on Sale! Stash Sunday

I recently stashed a design roll of Tula Pink's Elizabeth collection. I've been waiting forever to own this line. I've got a question to ask you at the end of the post, but first,

Calico Cat Fabrics has Tula Pink Elizabeth on sale right now, at $4 a half yard! I know...


Don't you love the clam shells? They really shimmer when added to solids, and go with so many other lines. Love Love Love!

I have several fat quarters of the Bats in the Belfry prints set aside for my next SewTogether Bags.

I think they will look stupendous with these prints combined with some secret stash, don't you?

And check out this Sky Ship Shape!! Can you see the ships and sextants? I love it!!

You can click below, to see what else Tanya has in stock. 

Here is a smattering of what you can find there...

Jelly Rolls GALORE! 
Carolyn Friedlander's Doe! I do not know how this can possibly still be there. But it is! If it hasn't sold soon, I'm going to go over and steal it, and then you will all have to just be sad sad sad.

Pam Kitty Garden!!!

More Jelly Rolls! 
Robert Kaufman Indigo. Yummy!

What a variety! There are many many more selections, I just found these to be particularly to my liking, today :)

You may want to note this down... Here are the upcoming sales for the month of August at Calico Cat Fabrics. I wanted to let you know while you were planning your August budget:

August 1-8: FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING (LOVE2SEW),  and $5 off of International Shipping (LOVE2SEW5) on any order of $40 or more. 

August 9-16: Spend $35 or more on Riley Blake/Penny Rose and get $5 off of your order!

August 17-24: Spend $50 or more on Kona Solids and get a free Kona Charm Pack of your choice (up to a $10 value)... add the charm to your cart and use code FREEKONA2

And now... I NEED YOUR HELP...

Here are my two sad jelly rolls... purchased from a different vendor, who didn't pack them in plastic, and they were tumbled about in the mail... A Tula Pink Elizabeth and a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton...
Well, you can see!! 
(But I think they'll make a spectacular quilt together, don't you?)

What do you do to keep your jelly rolls in fit shape?? I'm thinking of getting some baskets to keep mine in. Good for decoration, while they wait for their turn in the Queue. But really, I hate to see the poor things get all raggedy. Tanya wouldn't do that to you.


Craftsy's last chance sales event is 
happening now!! 

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Simple Curves Make a Cheeky Garden

Welcome to SewPsyched! 
This is Cheeky Garden, my easy curved quilt for Fat Quarterly Issue 21

Don't you just LOVE the quilting on this quilt??! It was done by my quilty friend Z Denise Gallup, of ShaZelma Design Studio in Girdwood Alaska. Her website is Check it out. Denise is an amazing artist!

I mean, just look at those pebbles!! And the lovely border flowers peeking over the lattices! Denise is just brilliant :)

The current issue of Fat Quarterly is issue 21, Curved Piecing. This issue has 82 pages (!) of projects for $8. I mean, really, you can't afford not to buy it!! There are also issues on Paper Piecing, Scraps, and Zakka. So much lovely!

And, if you buy the issue, you'll get a lovely little surprise from my Quilting Ladies! ;0

I hope you have a Marvelous day!! Come back for my Love Your Curves curved piecing tutorial and pattern round up! 


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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Being Charming is a Plus Quilt

This week I am working on a lap quilt from a pattern by Anita LaHay over at Day Dreams of Quilts

What a great beginner quilt!! I am doing something similar to this version... This pattern is very flexible, and is meant for charm packs. So if you've got a bunch, here's your chance to use them up!! I am using up left over charm squares, and matching jelly roll strips from a Kona Elizabeth Hartman roll. The colors!!! (I bought my roll over at Craftsy on sale for $26!!! Holy Bonanza!!!)
What do you think?? I am so excited about this easy quilt!! The pattern keeps the center charm squares whole, so no cutting, and to make that even easier, I am using the jelly rolls instead of cutting the other pieces of the pattern. Lazy?? Maybe! But in the end I will spend more time doing what I love, and less time cutting, which I, well, abhor!! 
And it will be my first rainbow project, so you know it will be packed with rainbowy goodness :) 
I am using Aurifil 50 weight in the piecing, and Aurifil 40 weight for the quilting. I'm not sure what colors I will quilt it with yet... Maybe allllllll of them! How do you think I should quilt it? Hmmm... always fun to ponder and always such a difficult decision! 

Ohhhhh Man!!!!! I cannot wait to show you this when it's done!! 
If you can't wait to make one of your own, hop on over to Anita's shop and purchase the pattern. Then make about a hundred for your friends and their kids. You know they're gonna want their own super fun plus quilt!!!


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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Welcome to The New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop, Alaska Edition!! 

Now, you've already read my posts about myself (Blog AwardAround the World Blog HopLast Year's New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop), and if you haven't, My Goodness, you're missing some good stories!! You better hop on over and check them out!! AND, you've read about my other favorite artists and independent sellers in my Fabric Clubs, a Boon or a Bust post, so you know that I will continue to bring you unbiased reviews of quality products and sellers as I find them. (I shop just for you, you know;) AND you will always find fresh and fun stories and patterns, every time you stop by! 

Today, I want to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Calico Cat Fabrics, and offer you three, yes THREE, giveaways!! 'Cause you work hard and we want you to know how much we appreciate YOU!! 

Today's giveaway is hosted by Calico Cat Fabrics. Now let me tell you all about them, because you're gonna love this shop!!  

You know how dear to my heart an independent seller, and a Mom and Pop store, are, and this Mom and Kid store is no exception. As a matter of fact, it has taken me almost a year to find a shop that I felt I could share with you, that met my standards for you! 
Calico Cat Fabrics has been around for almost 9 years the beginning it was a part time job for the owner, Tanya. She was a stay at home mom... then, 3 years ago, she became a single mom who was faced with supporting her son. She took the leap and went full time in fabric retail. "Best decision I have ever made - Following my heart and passion!" You know she had me right there! 
Here are the things that I like about Calico Cat Fabrics:

1. Tanya's generosity. 
When I approached her about doing a giveaway, I was anticipating receiving a $20 or less gift for you. But no!! Tanya is offering TWO $35 value gifts, of your choice (Wow, Right?!!) Because, she says, "When it comes to giveaways, I say Go Big or Go Home!" Love, love love! Girl, you are melting my heart. 
Oh my Goodness!! Tasha Noel!!
2. Her customer service. 
What I think really sets this fabric shop apart from other independent and chain retailers, is Tanya's customer service.To me, good customer service is what sets the independent retailer ahead of big box stores. I mean, How. Many. Times. have you gone into your local Chain fabric store, only to find out that the fabric that they had advertised was already out of stock, or to find that the discounts that were advertised couldn't be used on any of the items in the store? You know what I mean! IF Calico Cat Fabrics doesn't have an item in stock that you're looking for, Tanya will tirelessly hunt it down for you. And if she can order items from a wholesaler for you, she is always glad to do it (it's cheaper!). I need some pie with my next order, and I bet she'd fix me up! ;0 
I really like that Tanya is always glad to fill any special requests for something not currently in her stock if it is at all possible, and that if for some reason she can't (i.e. it's out of print) she will try to find your item online and direct you to someone who has what you need.  Even if its not from Calico Cat Fabrics! Now that's customer service!

3. Shipping. 
You know how I feel about shipping!! I cannot stand to pay a large fee for shipping, only to receive my purchases in a flat rate envelope that is several dollars cheaper than I paid. Grrr!! Holy budget busting!!! 
Calico Cat Fabric's shipping policy is simple... Actual cost for postage. If your order is a large order, whenever possible, Tanya will ship in a flat rate envelope for maximum savings for you. Tanya says she loves making the post office ship as much as she can fit in those envelopes and boxes for the flat rate! Hehe, that's my girl!!. In addition, Calico Cat Fabrics tries, once a month, to offer a free shipping coupon code for US addresses and a discount on shipping for international addresses... because, as Tanya says "Who wants to pay for shipping when there is so much fabric to buy!!!" I just love this girl, she is speaking right to my heart:) 
It is also Tanya's policy that when you check out, if your shipping costs don't calculate correctly and are too high, the overage is promptly refunded. And you all KNOW how I love that!!!! Tanya usually ships same day if an order comes in before noon (Central time) Monday through Friday. Saturday orders are shipped on Mondays.
Here are the things that I don't like about Calico Cat Fabrics:

1. I NEED a bigger budget! 
Do you think Tanya can help me find one?? If I could enter these giveaways, it sure would help ;)

The Giveaways ARE CLOSED.
There are THREE! Two are offered here, by Calico Cat Fabrics. To enter these two giveaways:

1. Go check out Tanya's shop, Calico Cat Fabrics
2. Come back here and leave a comment as to which item (s) you would purchase if you won the $35 giveaway. 

Enter on Instagram for three more chances!!!
1. Follow us, @Sewpsychd and @Calicocat_Fabrics 
2. Re-post the giveaway picture from either of our feeds, remembering to insert the hashtag #SewpsychdaboutCalicoCatFabrics, and leave a comment on the giveaway post answering a question " What is your favorite, charm packs, rolls or fat quarter sets?"
3. Tag a friend! 

Good luck!! Entries for all Calico Cat Fabrics giveaways will be chosen by random number generator on Wednesday, July 15 at 12 Midnight EST. These giveaways ARE open internationally! 

Please continue on the blog hop to these lovely bloggers. You'll find many more treasures, both human and projects!!
There are giveaways each week of the blog hop!! Click below to enter. Woohoo!

Many Many thanks to Stephanie Late Night Quilter,Yvonne Quilting Jet GirlCheryl @Meadow Mist Designs, and Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination for mentoring us on this fabulous journey! You guys rock!!!!!!

As part of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, I would also like to share some advice that I have found invaluable in my journey so far:

 * Be professional. Spell check your work. Always approach clients as a competent hardworking professional who has a valuable service. Never begin an interaction with a statement of inadequacy. "I'm just a beginner, but..." Instead, state who you really are, even if you are in process. "At SewPsyched! We offer the highest quality goods..."

* Don't wait until everything is perfect before you leap in and start being your business. So many times I hear that folks are waiting until their numbers are big enough, or they have published their first pattern, or they have made a set amount of dollars, before they begin their dream. Dream and do NOW!! Just look at this blog... heaven knows I need to up my html game, learn more about photography, make some pages and headers... but if I had waited for all of that to happen, I never would have met all of you lovelies! And I certainly would not have had the amazing opportunities that I've had already. So don't strive to be perfect before you are you. We like you as you are, and want to see you, now!! Over time you can tweak and learn. 

*Be realistic about YOUR time and schedule. I know we see folks every day who are some kinda machines, over on IG or on blogs, who seem to churn out the most amazing and delicious makes on a daily basis... I know that I want to put out the best product possible, and continue to learn and grow, so that's not for me. It takes time to write good content, and to imagine and invent new patterns. Give yourself the time it takes for you to create. Your product will be far superior, and you will be happy happy happy and not stressed and overwhelmed.

* Be Happy!!! Enjoy what you are doing!! Just because other folks are doing A, and you're doing B, doesn't mean that you need to do A!!!! Do what makes you happy and learn how to do the rest as you go. Make a schedule for learning these new things that won't interfere with your current projects, and that won't keep future projects from happening because you don't have that skill yet. 

* And finally, my best advice...GO ON OUT AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! 


Just an FYI, I will NOT be receiving a kick back for every purchase you make from Calico Cat Fabrics. But I will be receiving a monthly paycheck that will enable me to blog and craft more and bring you more good stuff! Yay!! 

Here is why I chose Tanya, and she chose me :) 
"I really like that you are so careful about your blog and who you share with your readers...Having looked at your blog it is so very obvious that its a labor of love for you. And as my business is one for me, I appreciate all that goes into that". 

Tanya, I am so looking forward to our partnership!!