Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's a Doe! A Stash! A Girl-y Stash!

It's time for another Stash Sunday over at the home of the Glitterati, the place where all things wonder-filled go to hang, Molli Sparkles!!

This week, I single handedly kept small businesses afloat. What can I say? I'm patriotic like that.

I have two new additions to the stash to show ya:

First we have the unbelievably sweet and timeless bliss of Lecien's Flower Suger. 

I purchased my bundle of candy goodness over at Sew Me a Song. The service was fast, the price was incredibly reasonable, and my order came sealed in a waterproof bag; a big plus here in Alaska. 
Here is a pic of a half yard bundle she has online, as we speak. I dare you to get there before I do ;)
Squee! I know, right??!

Next up is Doe.
I mean, really. What can I say? I am speechless in wonder at what Carolyn Friedlander does. Every last thing.
 So VERY VERY good!
Here is the whole line. At least as far as I know. Please wipe the drool from your screen, 
 You're gonna want to see this...
Here are what I would classify as her Golden Yellows. Darker and richer than those in the Architextures or Botanics lines. They complement and add to these lines in rich and thoughtful ways. Every color except the green is represented. Each new colorway extends the idea, and creates a depth that makes this line in combination with Architextures and Botanics, a true phenomenon. 
I have placed them together on their own shelf, and I have to time myself when I walk by, so that I don't get sucked in and spend the entire day contemplating the amazing marvels to be made from them.
The white is a snow white on white, something that we don't have enough modern prints in, and 
I can easily see how the other neutrals could be used in almost anything. I found it interesting that she chose to do a simple grid. I bet we'll be seeing that in traditional and modern makes around the world!
And for a spectacular finale, we have the teals and blues. And of course, that fabulous splash of orange!!

Be still my heart!!!

I purchased my Doe fat quarter bundle from Fabric Spot, in Canada. The shipping to the US was expensive, but worth every penny. I have not found it for sale in the US, yet.

What did you add to your stash, this week?? 
Inquiring minds need to know!

Ps, I am not an affiliate of any of these sellers. I just like fabric. Alot. A very lot. Lol!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Quilt

Today, I bring you Fall-ing in Love, my quilt celebrating Late Summer turning to Early Autumn and all of the joys of the Fall Season.

I'm timely like that!! 

Here she is!
A quilt to celebrate the gloriousness of long warm summer days, that melt into velvet star spangled darkness. Just right for a bonfire with family and friends.

Oops! I still have some trimming, and then quilting to do...
Now that early Winter has arrived, she is particularly apt. 
Because her dark Navy ground entices you with comfort and snuggly thoughts, just as our Winter evenings in front of a newly laid fire, do. 
Her velvety texture beckons like our dark evening skies... Come out! Explore! 
Our drifted powdery snows reflect all of the moonlight, sparkling and twinkling in their own merry dances. Impossible to resist their call! 

What's worse, snow or sand, to get off of a quilt you're trying to get a picture of
 in the only 3 minutes of sun that day? Lol!!
Go out into the sweet night, light and clear blue, and chortle and sing and roll in the snow. There'll be hot chocolate or hot tea and snuggles under a quilt, waiting for you. 
And the next morning, A morning for Giving Thanks, 
A surprise will be waiting...
A little furry, delicious cannot resist wanting to touch its velvety, droopy nose, Mooseling. 
Mom is around somewhere... Look both ways before you go out the back door!

I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate Family and Friends and all of the wonder that the world has to offer, this Thanksgiving. 
I know that I am so very glad that you stop by :))

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Alison Glass Handcrafted Stash Sunday

It's Sunday Stash time over at the ineffable Molli Sparkles! 

And here are my purchases for this week. Well, those that have arrived, anyway!

Shh! Don't rat me out to Santa. Cause a little Naughty, makes a Girl rather Nice, don't you think??!

 Alison Glass!! 
Now, Alison's work is always stunning. And I am, admittedly, a collector of her astounding work. I like the way she uses colors that are unlike others you see everywhere else. And yet, her fabrics go so very well with everything! Wouldn't these beauties look great snuggled up with a litta Tula Pink?  Why, yes they would! Don't you think I should go make that happen?!
Now, you all know what a huge fan I am of shot cotton. I would literally sew everything from them, including a dog. But Kaffe Fasset shot cottons, although glorious in color and sheen, are on the light side, weave wise. In contrast, there are pepper cottons, by Pepper Cory, which are thick and luxurious, but generally lack that luxurious sheen a girl yearns for. So, when I received these AG prints, I was worried that they would be very course fiber or sheer. But no! They have a very nice hand! I could absolutely see everything made from these, from blouses, to skirts and dresses, to quilted items, to lamp shades and decor loveliness. So GOOD!!

 I am sorry that you can't see these in person. The colors are rich and actually glow!! I am not kidding you!! I like to buy directly from artists if I can. You can purchase AG products, including embroidery templates that will knock your socks off, at Alison Glass.
And how do you like my other purchase? From Angelina McKenna (@weenchaweena on IG where I am a member of the Bitches Get Stitches Swap; A bawdy swap for the inner broad in all of us).
Every girl needs a super hero alter ego to help her take over the world!! 

Now get out and Show us your Shine!
What have you purchased this week, or what do you have your eye on??

Friday, November 21, 2014

Super Quick Car Seat Quilt

Welcome to another edition of Finish It Up Friday, over at Crazy Mom Quilts!! Check out what everyone else has been up to, Woohoo!
Have you ever wanted to make a baby quilt as a gift for someone, but didn't have the time to make a large enough one to fit a crib or playspace?  Why not make a Car Seat Quilt?! They are about half the size of a regular baby quilt, and something that new parents won't be able to purchase in a store. Woot! 

A simple Irish Chain, pieced, this time, square by square, is a quick make if pieced in strip sets. 
Go here for a great tutorial. Or Here, Or check out Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns. You can never go wrong with Eleanor!! I used wool batting and spaced the quilting wide apart so it would be extra toasty for cold upstate New York winters. Love ya Niecey2!!

Sorry for the horrible pictures! We are down to just 5 hours of good sun and two hours of duskiness, so natural daylight is getting hard to come by! 
But here is the reward!
Our Glorious sunrises begin directly East of the house, then
Do a little Showing Off, and then,
Swing around to the side and front of the house
to really Jazz up the morning. Never mind that at this point it is 10 am ;) Who cares when each day
greets you in such a spectacular way?
And when it's light enough to see, guess who has stopped by to help you prune the perennials you were hoping to keep going???
And help clean up the birdseed...
I wondered why the birds were so hungry!!!
I wonder if he knows that all of that homegrown forage is making him extra tasty??!!!
I also finished up a coupla pillow cases to go with an ALLMOOOST completed Enchanted/Frozen/Name another Movie mash quilt for the Niecey. 
Just in time for my Sis to inform me that, being 8 years old, Niecey has now decided she hates princessy things, and Blue, and wants only black and white zebra stripes, with Purple!! 


Have a Wonder-Filled Day!!
So nice to see ya!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Super Easy Pouch

It's another Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts!! 
Go see the awesome little pouch she finished, and check out what other bloggers in the blogosphere have completed this week!!

Today, I have items that I made for the Very Cherry Swap to show you, because my roller derby queen partner received them, and I've been dying to share!

My very first pouch! Wow, they are
so easy and versatile. I will definitely
be making a lot more!
This one is not lined, but that is super easy to do, and should not keep you from making purses or bags. 
I used a fusible fleece stabilizer, which I ironed to the fabric, BEFORE I cut the pattern pieces. That way, you don't get gunky gluey stuff all over your iron and every iota of your fabric is properly stabilized. Woot!
I also made this little number. It is a shameless copy of an adorable mini by @lolablueocean. You have GOT to check out her work. Astounding!! My swap partner had pinned this mini on Pinterest for other swaps, and I wanted to be sure she actually ended up with one.
This was the first wall hanging, and applique, I have ever done. See how swaps stretch you  in such good ways??
 If it wasn't for this swap, I would have left applique on the wishful, Stupenda Quilt I'll make Someday, list.
Now I can't get enough of making little, delicious, colorful, cheery quilts for the wall.
I hope you give it a try!

And here is the whole kit and kaboodle of what I 
sent to my swap partner..

And here is the quilt, hanging out in its
new home. In Scotland!!!

And here is what I received in return. I think she nailed it, don't you?!!

Have you joined in any online swaps? I cannot tell you how much you NEED TO!
Not only do you receive top quality, and super cool stuff from someone half way across the world, but you meet many more awesome quilty minded friends during the process. 
So, if you don't make any other promises to yourself, please make one to join an online swap.
It's so EASY! Just check out Bloglovin or Instagram and search the word Swap. I'm pretty sure you won't get results back that will frighten you ;) And it will open up a whole new world of on line and in person friends you never knew were there. 

Get out there and take over the World!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Easy Granny Square Quilt

It's Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts! And Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts. This week, I have the wonderful, and easy peasy, Granny Square Quilt to show you. 

I think I'll Call this one November Girl, 'cause she reminds me of all that is good, and traditional, about late Fall. 

Admittedly, mostly Pie.

Pumpkin pies, Cherry pies, little hand held Apple pies, Mince pies that only I like to eat, pies made by your mom, by your church ladies, by strangers in aprons at holiday bazaars. 
Where I grew up, pie symbolized hospitality and the love and welcoming of others. The kind of place where everyone is welcomed like family, just like you and I. Is it any wonder that these little pastry cloaked delights are so evocative of the holiday season to come?

And like all of my quilts, this one has a story. Just a little heart-felt story of love and perseverance and faith in others and yourself. She's such a little nugget, just 176" around, so she'll grace the entranceway or snuggle with the cats on my lap as I work. 

The story of this quilt begins with my own advent into quilting. I was working at the Four Valleys School, an after school community school that ran all of the kids sports, adult sport classes and any and every manner of art class, in Girdwood, Alaska. The northernmost rainforest in Alaska, and the United States, is in Girdwood. So as a girl fresh from the beaches of New Jersey, I had alot of time on my hands, at least when I wasn't wrangling kids and their dogs. And their bikes. And their mittens. Lots of mittens!!! And can I tell you about the BOOTS!!!
Every single day when I was working, or at the post office, or at the merchantile, or walking through the forest with the dawg, folks would stop me and tell me that I should join the Goldstitchers. "The quilters, you'll love it!" 
Now, I hadn't quilted since just after gravity was invented, so all I remembered from it was endless tedious and hand numbing hours of cutting teeny patches and sewing them together, in not even mostly straight rows. My first and only quilt was in pink and black calico prints. I eventually made it into a blanket for the horse. The quilt kept her warm and toasty, and was eventually folded in half and handed down to the pony, so it must have been better made than I remember :) 
The pony's name was Hurricane. Being heavily influenced by Pippi Longstocking (to this day!) my sister and I once threw her a party in the kitchen, only realizing when we saw our mother pull up in the driveway, that we had no way of making her leave (The pony, not the mother)! And I can tell you, she sure did not want to go! But that's another story.
So, after much urging and cajoling by the townsfolk, I went to Walmart, bought the cheapest machine I could find (in case I hated quilting), and some white thread (goes with everything), and shyly attended my first meeting of the Goldstitchers. 

It's been several years now, and I've hardly missed a single Wednesday, since! Like quilt guilds everywhere, these ladies are my heart and soul. They provide support and laughter and straight talk when it's needed. They tell you your things are beautiful and then gently show you how to put them right. They laugh with you and cry with you and will listen to anything at all you have to say about the kids. Whatever would we do without each other??!

Little November Girl was the third quilt that I started under their tutelage. I don't know why she was set aside, but last quarter when I was rummaging through the closet for UFO's, there she was! I took her out, shook her off, inspected the stitching, and wonky rows, and decided her day to shine had finally come. And so it has. And every time I look at her, I don't see the white thread peeking through, or the wonky seams, or puckers at intersections. I see the sweetness and light that are Cleary, who even though she has MS and has every right to want to quit, is the most intelligent, funny, caring, persevering person I know; Liz who is fast, elegant, and smart and who is always trying something new; and Kathy who is sassy and straight and so deeply caring, and Kate who speaks to me of home and the heart just by being there; Rebecca who is sweet sophistication; Beth who is courageous, true and wonderful; and Ally who is so timeless that she seems straight from a New Zealand sunset surfing photo shoot; and Judy and Rorie, and Kathy and Marylyn who are strong and proud and true, and Donna who is my new speaks-my-same-language kindred sister. 

These are my quilting ladies. And there's always room for more! So if you're free of a Wednesday, stop on by. There'll be tea and an amazing spread of eats, and some mighty good storytelling. 
And pie:)


If you haven't made one of these lovely little quilts because it looks like you have to cut and piece a bajillion little teeny tiny pieces, never fear!! These quilts are made entirely by piecing strips of fabric together, piling them up, and slicing them into the widths you want. Then all it takes is to chain piece the first to the second piece, the third to the fourth, and on. If you would like, I will make you a lovely tutorial on how to do it. You won't even need a chick flick or chocolate to get you through it! :)


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Granny Square Quilt and Other Fabulous WIPs

It's WIP Wednesday!! And time to share a little more of what has been going on since my return to the sewing room and making. Woohoo!!! 

We've had our first snowfalls, and the most recent one has stuck around, so we've been out every day playing and rolling in it!! 

The days are still just shy of 12 hours, and we have night again. The night is Cold enough to nip your cheek, and just right for taking walks and stargazing. Don't peek in the neighbors windows!! They haven't gotten used to the dark yet, and haven't learned to close their blinds again with this new season ;) 

I'm finishing quilting the Granny Squares Quilt. It's nice to spend some time each day, working on each project, in succession... First this, 

Then This ( the quilt! Not the guy!! Well, he sure doesn't hurt;)

Then, This...

Since I put the Bikini Quilt into a leaders and enders position, I have really been booking along with it. Soon, my lovelies!!

And, finally, THIS...

I moved the Sewing Room over into this guy's room...

Because he's doing an internship in LA and job hunting. So very proud of him!! He and his girlfriend, Madison, are really taking great care of themselves and their budgets, even though they are on 
opposite sides of the continent. You go, kids!!!!! We've got their backs, but they haven't even needed it:)

But the real reason I moved my sewing room across the hall, was to have room for my desk and work area in the same place as I sew. Because...

I am writing a book!!!!!

Are you so excited??!!

I am!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now, I don't usually go to Nora Roberts for life advice, but she sure has nailed it.

And if I can do it, so can you!!!

So, I urge you, TODAY, to step out of your comfort zone and take a step towards one of your dreams. 

You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!


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Since I am clearly another Alaskan Rogue, I had posted Really Random Thursday there, earlier this month, accidentally. And since I don't know how to remove it, I am now posting my real, actual, intended SCRAPTASTIC works in progress. Aren't you psyched??!!!

The first is the Fall-ing in Love Quilt. I love Fall. I love Quilting. I love messing around with bits of fabric. So this is a natural fit :)

This is 28 blocks, and I have 52 done now. One quarter of the way done! Wooo!!!

Trimming is so rewarding after assembly!!

I am really enjoying taking my time while assembling these triangle block components. I have my scraps divided up by value, in shoe boxes with the back boards of charm packs as dividers. 
My idea is to have a nice blush of colors from lighter to darker progress out towards the points
on the arms of the triangles. Each arm of the triangle is a different part of the Fall season. The right is earlier in Fall when we have indian summer, winding towards sparkling chilly nights, but with long sunlit days.  The left is later in the season with fallen leaves and plaids as we look towards Halloween and pumpkins and apple cider goodness!

You can see that more clearly, here. What do you think? I like the glow it imparts. But what I really like is the dark Kona Navy background. Yum!!

Come on back to Scraptastic Tuesday each month to see what quilters are doin' with their scraps! I've got quite a few projects in the works!