Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Quilt

Today, I bring you Fall-ing in Love, my quilt celebrating Late Summer turning to Early Autumn and all of the joys of the Fall Season.

I'm timely like that!! 

Here she is!
A quilt to celebrate the gloriousness of long warm summer days, that melt into velvet star spangled darkness. Just right for a bonfire with family and friends.

Oops! I still have some trimming, and then quilting to do...
Now that early Winter has arrived, she is particularly apt. 
Because her dark Navy ground entices you with comfort and snuggly thoughts, just as our Winter evenings in front of a newly laid fire, do. 
Her velvety texture beckons like our dark evening skies... Come out! Explore! 
Our drifted powdery snows reflect all of the moonlight, sparkling and twinkling in their own merry dances. Impossible to resist their call! 

What's worse, snow or sand, to get off of a quilt you're trying to get a picture of
 in the only 3 minutes of sun that day? Lol!!
Go out into the sweet night, light and clear blue, and chortle and sing and roll in the snow. There'll be hot chocolate or hot tea and snuggles under a quilt, waiting for you. 
And the next morning, A morning for Giving Thanks, 
A surprise will be waiting...
A little furry, delicious cannot resist wanting to touch its velvety, droopy nose, Mooseling. 
Mom is around somewhere... Look both ways before you go out the back door!

I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate Family and Friends and all of the wonder that the world has to offer, this Thanksgiving. 
I know that I am so very glad that you stop by :))

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  1. Aww! Another cute moose! :) And the quilt is gorgeous. I love what you did with the border. It sounds very romantic up there in Alaska.

    1. Perhaps it's all of the extra dark and velvetyness??? LOL! XX!

  2. Navy with gold and oranges...yum! I too love what you did with the binding. You must really put out a nice buffet table for all that wildlife to keep coming around!

    1. When i saw that it was going to become a regular thing (having visitors), I put out a pumpkin left over from Halloween. Waiting to see who comes by next!! XX!

  3. I love how you finished out this quilt top! I especially like the touch of color near the corners of the final border - yum!

  4. Man, I'm jealous of your moose! I've only seen squirrel over here, and I'm starting to think that Alaskan wildlife is a marketing ploy... Bait & switch.

  5. I love this quilt(top), the blue sets off the yellow/oranges perfectly! Keep warm!!

  6. Well Lori, this is beautiful! I love the extra wide navy borders. It's perfect laying on the snow.

  7. Like mother like child on the perennial munching then ;o) Great job on the quilt top, I guess photos in the snow is a great way to check the colour fastness ;o)

  8. The contrast in this quilt is beautifully striking! I just finished a wonder-fall quilt too! Love your moose:)

  9. Great shout out thanks! Love the sparkly warmth of this scrappy beauty so thanks for linking up your #scraptastictuesday project!

  10. Beautiful quilt . . . love the little sparks of bright blue.

  11. What a wonderful way to use your scraps!:)

  12. Love this quilt! The colors look great and the moose is adorable. :)

  13. I love the colour contrast, so great. I've been thinking that my next quilt will have that kind of wide border, too. Beautiful work!

  14. What a great color combo and I enjoyed all your pics! Just beautiful!

  15. What a gorgeous quilt! I especially love the clever scrappy corners. And a mooseling to boot!

  16. What a lovely work !!! Fantastic colors !

  17. ooo so pretty!! Love the beautiful warm colors with a splash of blue. That is so cool that you are visited by moose!