Monday, November 23, 2015

Karen Lewis Stash Additions and a Marvelous Sale!

I returned from Sewtopia to find a *Few* stash additions waiting at my door. As you do, you know...
This luscious Full Panel Club Bundle had arrived from Karen Lewis Textiles. I love how well they go with her pattern from Issue 16 of Quilt Now (available from Pink Castle Fabrics). I adore this mag!! Every single thing in it is first class.
These are her actual screen printed fabrics. What luscious colors!!! And I adore that she has made them herself, and sent them along. I really admire that artistic spirit. I don't think I'll achieve her brilliance, but Someday, I'd like to try my hand at screen printing, wouldn't you? In the meantime, you can join the fabric clubs for half or full panel bundles every two months, or sign up for a full year. If you sign up for January, you will be part of a fun project Karen has going on that includes these desperados!!!
Hee Hee!!! You better bet I already signed up!!!
And these fabulous bundles of Blueberry Park Joy (Bright and Neutral) happened to fall into my bag over at Sewtopia... Or that's the story I'm telling. Not the story where I spotted them across a crowded lobby and lunged like a rabid Vertblatten to reach them before anyone else saw them... And don't you tell that story, either!! 
Now all I have to add to my collection is the Cool Colorway, available through Suppose Fabric Shop. I cannot tell you how much I love this Mother Daughter fabric shop. I'll have a whole post about them, for you, later :) 

But what I REALLY wanted to tell you about is the Cyber Monday SALE that is going to happen over at Calico Cat Fabrics!!! Holy smokes does she have some lovely fabric!! Tanya and I have three coupons for you, so write them down! 

CYBER25 - $25 off of any purchase of $100 or more. (Christmas gifts, anyone??? That's 25% off!!)

CYBERFREE - Free domestic shipping on any order between $50 and $99.99. (See what she's done there?! Saved you a bundle on all of your smaller orders, ya?)

INTERNATIONAL10 - $10 off of shipping on any International order of $95 and Up. In my experience, that's almost half off of International shipping!!! Unless you can buy even more than I can, which I DARE you to try to do!! 

So what should you do??? Write these coupon codes down, and head on over to Calico Cat Fabrics, Now, to see what you just can't live without, and be ready to jump on that fabric bandwagon first thing Monday morning 11/30/15. Wooooooooo! 

We've finally had snow over here in Alaska. First real snow of the year and a hopeful start to a fabulous winter. At last!!! 

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Peaceful Thanksgiving!!!