Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Little Springtime Cheer

It's WIP Wednesday here at Sewpsyched! Brought to you this week by Spring

Beautiful, Glorious, Freshly Nudging Spring!!

The Sun has filled the cerulean blue sky to the brim with Light, and begun to spill over, flooding, in an ever increasing current, over all below.

 "Fresh!" It beckons, 
"Come out and Play..."

I have tea and a nice fulfilling chat with a Friend, sharing in the glories of each others' children, their accomplishments and occasional woes. Altogether, all is Well with the World. And I am Grateful. 

It's time to begin to plant seeds in my used Costco apple carriers; they make great miniature greenhouses, and keep the cats from playing in the soil ;) It's amazing how quickly the sprouts shoot up! 

Time to begin to take evening walks with the Loved Ones, and ponder the beauty of a sunset at a normal time, the first twinkle of a star in a deepening sky, the whisper of an evening breeze telling tales of what it has seen. 

Time to think about carrying bear spray, two cans, as the days quicken towards Springbirth, and the World soon fills with young things. 

Don't you want to come out and Play? 
A wee frolic to see the pussy willows, and smell the fresh earth?

I'll put the kettle on, the quilts on the back porch, streaming with sunshine, and the chickadees will welcome your arrival. You can help me decide how to quilt these WIPs, and gorge yourself on scones and honey.

See ya soon!

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  1. Spring is my favorite time of year. Once the daffodil and crocus bloom, I am happy!

  2. I really like where your drunkard's path blocks and piecing are going - lovely! I am so thankful for spring, too. :)

  3. I wish I could come visit! Maybe some day. Are you writing a pattern for that fabulous Drunkard's Path quilt? I hope so! :)

  4. Yes. Yes please.
    Where do I sleep?
    Stop tantalizing me with the poetic description of spring... I lay buried in a blanket of snow deeper than I am tall, more on the way this weekend.
    I long for tea on a porch and pushy willows.
    The stars still dance to the sound of shovels here....

    Oh... and I Love the design of that drunkards path. BRILLIANT use of colour, hinting of the shape.

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  6. Wow! Fun. I love the curved blocks. I really do need to do more of them. :)

  7. I am hoping that Spring is here to stay in Minnesota. We were very warm last week but back to our normal high of 30's today with the possibility of snow this weekend. Yek! Love the curved blocks

  8. What a gorgeous view. I am loving the signs of spring as well. And your curved piecing is gorgeous!

  9. There are zero signs of spring where I am. Truly -- it's snowing right now! But, wow, I enjoy see the stage-by-stage view of your curve piecing. Inspiring!

  10. Ahhh . . . . springtime is glorious. You expressed it very well. All except for the part about carrying 2 cans of bear spray. I like your drunkard's path play.

  11. Wonderful, new project, Lori. I love the fabric which you chose for background.