Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beginner Friendly Paper Pieced Sewing Machine Cover! Fat Quarterly Issue 20

And I'm in it!!

It is such an honor to be appearing amongst such talented sewists! 

 These projects range from Beginner to Intermediate. The patterns are so well written and illustrated. No need to be afraid of paper piecing :)

Check out this issue and see all of the fabulousness!

Featured are: 

Beam Me Up Quilt,
So fun! Imagine the colors and prints you can use )

Acrobats Cushion
Adorable!!! Turn it upside down and the picture changes!

Live, Sew, Eat Cake Quilt,
Everyone in your guild needs one, don't they?

Cartwheel Hot Pad,
Such a lovely way to learn this block! Suhweet!

Designer Shoe Cushion,
Check out that charm!! I need at least three pair.. you know I do!

I'm Cuckoo For You Sewing Machine Cover (by yours truly!),
Why not walk into the sewing room and see a sweet little cottage to brighten your day?

Soar Quilt,
Such a sweet quilt! I know three teens who need this, Pronto!

Priory Square Friendship Pouch,

What better way to show your friends you care than by whipping up this lovely pouch for all of their chocolate?! I mean, sewing stuff ;0

A Useful Utensil Mat,
A-Dorable!!! This one is on the list for sure!

Who doesn't need a slice of OZ??

Messenger Bag,
What a beauty!! And the perfect size!

Spinning Friends Quilt,
Stunning!!! Such nice large blocks whip up in a jiffy, too!

Dress Me Up Banner

I mean, Really!! Just so incredibly cute!! Imagine adding these dresses to purses, quilts and accessories, mmm!

That is SOME lineup!
I will be posting the beginner tutorials for my I'm Cuckoo For You Sewing Machine Cover, later this week. I want you to feel confident and comfortable paper piecing :) I figure if I post Friday, you can make one over the weekend, right?! ;0

Fat Quarterly is a quarterly E-zine by Modern quilters, for Modern Quilters, or everybody! To purchase this issue, and the patterns, go here



  1. Yay!! I love your project just from the sneak peak! Congratulations :)

  2. Congratulations on having your design featured, and thanks for the run-down on the other patterns in that issue. : )

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more of your project. That teaser photo is not enough!

  4. I need a sewing machine cover! Bring it on!

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