Monday, June 30, 2014

Glow in the Dark Universe

Today begins the linky party over at The Littlest Thistle, where we all show off what we have accomplished this quarter... well, what we have accomplished that we MEANT to accomplish, anyway!! 
In this post, I will feature my nephew's Glow in the Dark Universe quilt. Made especially squishy, especially warm, especially soft, and especially glowy... just for you, ne-phew!!

Glow in the Dark fabric is from
Northcott Studios
 Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone, and so I had to stop by Michael's and pick up a glow in the dark fabric pen and write secret glow in the dark messages all over it!  Do you think he's found them all, yet??! Hehe! It is just possible one of the words is 'Smooches'. Now, I don't think that will embarrass an 11 year old, do you??!!

All said and done, I finished 3 items from my original FAL2 List, found here
HAHAHAHA! How many items did I originally think I would finish?? Ahem, well, a few more than that ;) I did not know until I joined the FAL, that I had quilter's ADD. Now I do! And so for this coming quarter, I have resolved to finish one item from my list before beginning any new project... at least, right after this next one...!

Here are the items I completed for the FAL2:

The Bee-Inspired triangle quilt (list here)
The Glow in the Dark Nephew quilt (this post, above)
The Pillow covers, which turned into two different pillow covers, and which didn't end up being made with the material that I had originally planned... you know?! So they don't count as part of the FAL2, but you can take a gander at them all in one place, below ;)

The items that I completed that weren't on the list and may have had to do with an interesting idea that caught my eye, or a passing need, or just because, are:
Well, those pillows!
Arrow Pillow from my own design, I'm working on a tutorial
Canvas pillow pattern by She Can Quilt. Blog link here
And then these scarves:
Hee Hee! Whos foxy now??!
And then this quilt:
This quilt is in memory of my fabulous friend, Sarah, who just passed away from brain cancer.
We miss you, Sarah! I will be embroidering birds and flowers and such that she loved, in each
of the pink blank spaces. Then it will go up for auction, or become a much beloved porch huggy.

Whew! Now none of this includes the two quilts on my design wall and the quilt I am designing (my first) or any of the bajillion things that are being plotted!! 
Tune in same bat time, same bat place, and see what's happening next!!

Please go and check out the FAL and see what everyone is linking up. They are all astounding!!!

Finish Along 2014

Have a fun day!!


  1. Love the universe quilt Lori. What a great idea to write secret messages on it. I also did not get as much done in June as I had originally hoped.Guess they get pushed into July!

  2. The glow in the dark fabrics are so much fun! I love that quilt and I am sure your nephew does, too!

  3. Wow! Who wouldn't just love a quilt with secret messages written all over it........I would! :). Such a very cool idea...I bet your nephew loves it.

  4. You have accomplished a lot. Way to go!

  5. The universe quilt is great!

  6. Congrats on your finishes, and love the idea of glow in the dark message hide and seek :oD

  7. I think those messages are totally appropriate for an 11yo nephew! I will be saying stuff like that to my boys at that age.