Thursday, September 24, 2015

SewPsyched! Quilt Auction for Charity! Plus Quilt

SewPsyched! CareAlong

It's time for another SewPsyched! CareAlong, where you bid on a hand made piece, and half of the proceeds go to a Charity or Person of your choice!! Last year, we raised $400 for Charities all across America! 

This year, I am auctioning off my marvelous Being Charming Is A Plus Quilt.
This lap quilt measures 58 1/2" x 46" and is a bright bundle of wrinkly goodness!!
I used all Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread in the construction and quilting of this lap quilt. She is so soft!!
I used all Kona Cottons Solid fabrics in this Plus quilt. They are already so soft after only one wash, but because they are broadcloth, they will wear like iron and keep their colors bright, so your favorite recipient will have this little quilt FOREVER!
I love this little quilt so much, that I almost can't bear to part with her.
My Husband may never forgive me for sending her on!
I mean, just check out that wrinkly goodness!!
I quilted her with Wonky lines and outlined the Pluses, so that she is as interesting from the back, as she is from the front...
 The backing is Kona Cotton in Chartreuse. This picture does not do it justice. It is a vibrant, fun color!
The Being Charming Is A Plus Quilt is bound with Ombre grey fabric, so that she shimmers around the edges like a charming folk do :) I used Lynne Goldworthy's method of binding, so that she can take a lot of dragging or hanging around. 

Now, don't you think you  need this quilt for your favorite Math Teacher, littlest Kiddo or that favored Man in your life??? 

How It Works:
  • You bid on the quilt on Instagram, on Facebook, or by emailing me. I will be updating all three avenues, continually.
  • Opening bid is USD $150.00 This is how much it cost me to make the quilt, not including time and love :)
  • Winning bid is notified via the avenue through which you bid (Instagram, Facebook, email)
  • You pay SewPsyched! through Paypal.
  •  You choose your charity, and I will Paypal them the proceeds, immediately. I also forward you the receipt. 

Bidding begins
October 2, 2015

8 am Alaska Time
12 Noon Eastern Time
10 am Central Time
9 am Pacific Time
5 pm in the UK and the EU,
2 am FRIDAY October 3 in Melbourne

If you purchase this Being Charming Is A Plus Quilt, and are from outside of the USA, I will pay HALF of your shipping costs. Because I so appreciate folks who want to give back to others!

Let's get out there and do some good in the World!!

Last year's recipients were:

Catholic Charities
Seeing Eye Dog Program
Ovarian Cancer Research
Bat Research
Breast Cancer Research
Shelters for Abused Women and Children 
and an individual's entire stash for a year!!



Oh my Gosh!! I could snuggle up and take a nap, right now!!!!
Soooo soft!

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  1. What a great idea. I really like this quilt, especially with the different gray columns. I love Chartreuese!!

  2. I hadn't heard of this before - very cool. I really love your quilt, too!

  3. Your quilt really is amazing! And it sounds like a great event. There are so many great charities out there that can always use help. You are so sweet for helping out!

  4. Yes! This turned out so awesome Lori! Just gorgeous! I love the quilting on it too! What a great project!

  5. Visiting from crazy mum quilts. THis is gorgeous and what a great idea to raise funds for a charity or person. good luck with it all

  6. Lori, what a beautiful quilt, and fantastic idea!

    (Guess I should have read this yesterday! Sorry!)

  7. Lori, what a beautiful quilt, and fantastic idea!

    (Guess I should have read this yesterday! Sorry!)

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