Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Super Simple Plus Quilt

I'm done with the quilting on the Being Charming is a Plus quilt...
Now to bury all of the threads... something I enjoy doing. Because it signals that I'm almost done? Because it's satisfying knowing they will never, ever, come out? Or because it means I'm almost to Binding, which I now LOVE!! Can you believe it??! 
Oh dear, please excuse the fuzz! I roll my quilts as I quilt them on my domestic machine (DSM, not a long arm), and the extra batting I leave on the edges, kinda gets all over everything and everyone. I tell ya, it doesn't pay to stand still too long in This sewing room!!! 
Do you like the neon-ish effect those Aurifil threads give to the black and grey backgrounds? I'm loving the glowy aspects of this quilt. 
The Rainbow Being Charming is a Plus quilt will go up for auction in about two weeks. Just after Labor Day weekend. 

Why not sooner, you ask?? 

Why, because I have a HUGE, FABULOUS, MARVELOUS, WONDEROUS GIVEAWAY from my newest sponsor, Sewing Moxie for you over Labor Day weekend, of course!!! 
You better stop back for that!!! However else will you crow over your spoils to your comrades???

But, until then, you will just have to console yourselves with this lovely project...
But I can't actually show that to you either!!! Psych! So you'll have to come back on 9/3 for the FabriQuilt New Block Blog Hop where you'll see my new block, and have many more lovely things to salivate over. 
I'll have a new free block pattern for you, and there will be YARDS of fabric prizes to be won! 

I am making a twin sized quilt from my block, using these fabrics... hmmm, or maybe some others, too!!! That's the problem with quilting, isn't it? Too many decisions to be made!!! Lol! Luckily, I'm always sleuthing out new fabrics, so my choices are Endless;0 

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Love the vibrant thread on the dark neutral background! Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt finished.

  2. Lori, those different Aurafil thread colors on the grey and black fabric look awesome! I can't wait to see Being Charmed finished, and you can bet I will be stopping by over Labor Day Weekend. What a cool low volume collection. Take care, Mary.

  3. I love how bright the Aurifil thread looks against the black and gray. Of course I love Aurifil on everything. And the count down is on for our block reveals...I'm so excited. Nice teaser picture :)

  4. Such a tease! Can't wait to see more photos of your lovely projects. Have fun binding!

  5. Oh I cannot wait to see! How do you bury your threads? I've never been clear on that. I pull mine through to the back and knot them off but I know that's not the correct thing to do. Your tea cup photo is lovely and so is the fungus photo. The colored threads look fabulous on the black and grey fabrics! I haven't finished quilting my latest Being Charming is a Plus. So many deadlines these days!