Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweetness!! Sunday Stash and Sale

Oh MY!!!

Check out this sweetness that I recently received
from an Instagram destash by

Do I know what I am going to make from these lovely fabrics, you say????

Of course not!! 

But who could resist such delicate sweetness?? 

When I think of the perfect cottage-y, summery, birds singin' quilt, I think of these sorts of fabrics. And someday, when the breeze is blowin the cherry embroidered curtains in at the windows, and the pie's a coolin' on the sill, I WILL make this quilt.
Until then, I will pet, and admire, and pet these lovely fabrics. And I won't feel badly about that at all!!

Do you know about Instagram destash sales??? Well, let me tell you! You know I'm all about the acquisition! ;)
If you go on to Instagram and search the hashtag #greatfabricdestash or #greatfabricdestashuk you will find gazillions of posts by folks looking to sell off some of their stash. This last week I scored some awesome Heather Ross, which I'll show you in another post. You never know what you will find there. Out of print fabrics, notions, fabrics for dressmaking, bag making bits, it's all there!!
Like a huge fleamarket... 

You know I can't resist!

If you would like to see more fabrics like these, check out the sale this week over at Calico Cat Fabrics:

Spend $35 or more on Riley Blake Penny Rose fabrics and get $5 off!! 
Honestly, she just gives it away!


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  1. Oh I saw that destash. She does some good ones. You have be quick on the draw though. I've learned that when she posts that she will be doing a destash you get your email and zip/postal code in on the copy and paste so you can paste as fast as you can when her posts pop up in the IG feed. Lucky you that you got these. I hope you HR gets there soon!