Friday, May 8, 2015

Quick Mod Paper Pieced Wall Hanging

It's Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts, and this week I have a new pattern for you!

Tangerine Fizz!!

I just love the colors in Katy Jones' Priory Square. And just look how well Karen Lewis Textiles' printed panels go with them!! When I saw Priory Square, it said Mod and Fun to me. So I used as many of the fabrics from that line, as I could for this fun soon to be floor pillow. 

When I see this flimsy, I think of Summer days with flowy dresses and yard parties; Flowers in the borders and scenting the air; Fresh leaves beckoning, and Ease and Comfort and outdoor fun with Friends!!


I have made this as an easy beginner pattern that you can tailor any way that you like.
The pattern is ready and I will have it and a lovely tutorial for you in two weeks. It will have templates for the paper pieced phobic, and paper foundations for the exacting crowd :) and LOTS of pics!
Your points will come out even and pretty. I think it looks  Modish with wide connections where the centers meet. 
What do you think?
Here is how some of the design process went. Isn't it amazing how such a simple block can make such a great design?!!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

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Sarah Fielke (I know!!!!) 5/12



  1. I really like the secondary pattern that emerges in your pieced pillow top in the pinks and corals. Lovely!

  2. Such eye candy.....I admire anyone who can skillfully combine so many patterns and colors!

  3. Your block looks so good with all the different fabrics!

  4. This is fantastic. This would be great as a Bee Hive Quilts Block! You should ask Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts if she would be interested in having it as a bonus block. It looks like my kind of paper piecing project too. Not so hard that I get hopelessly confused and the perfection at the end is fabulous.