Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aurifil Thread Shopping Recommendation

It's time for Sunday Stash over at the Mahvelous Molli Sparkles!! Woo!

Today I want to introduce you to Pumpkin Vine Corner.

Pumpkin Vine Corner is a shop in Cartersville Georgia, USA. I came across them in a desperate search to find reasonably priced Aurifil thread. And I've never looked back!!!

Aurifil thread card = Bliss!

I needed to acquire an Aurifil thread card, and pronto, because I'm participating in the Oakshott Scandinavia Blog hop where my project will also be published as part of an Oakshott Ezine. How awesome is that??! Check out the EZine from the last challenge, they've made it into a Memory Game! Fun!! 

So, needless to say, I wanted everything to be tip top quality, and that meant that I needed threads to accent my quilt. And since Oakshotts are definitely heirloom quality, I wanted a thread that could go the distance with them. 
You know how much I love my Kona color card, and how many happy hours I have spent drooling over the fantastic rainbow of colors, during our dark winters, dreaming dreams of far away places and quilts yet to come. Well, now I have a new obsession! No fair!! I really needed to get some stuff done.
But no!! Instead, I stand dreaming and plotting, over these awesome threads!

Each card has sections that explain how much thread, and of what weight, are on each kind of spool. Spools range in yardage from 220 yards (200m) to 11592 yards (10600m, check out those big bottomed babes)!! You KNOW I need one of those!! But what COLOR???
Yellows to Reds, to Purples to Greens...
Blues, Greys, Black(s), and Variegated!!! You just TRY and choose only one!! 
Oh man! Now I gotta wipe the keyboard off!! Sooo Good!
Check out this post from Lynne Goldworthy about Aurifil thread and spool color indicator. It's great and tells you what amount of thread and thread weight come on each color of spool, what each thread weight is for, and if that size thread comes in cotton, wool, etc. 

So, now you have to get yourself over to Pumpkinvine Corner and STEAL some thread from them. Honestly, I don't know how Jean does it! My thread was $6.50 less PER SPOOL than at my LQS!!! And get this, when Jean uses a flat rate envelope, she goes back into your order and reduces the postage! (Do you hear that!!) I have just been so pleased with the service at Pumpkinvine Corner. And to wrap it all up, my thread arrives two days after I place an order. I think Jean packes mine at 4 am and ships it the day I place my order. Or she has elves. 
But you'll have to check them out to see ;)

See that orange spool? That means it's 50 wt thread.


Ps, I am not an affiliate of Pumpkinvine Corner :) 


  1. Ah you can't beat excellent customer service! Gorgeous thread too, I have one of those colour cards, talk about distraction!

  2. Congrats on the Oakshott Bloghop Ezine spot, Lori! Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see what you have in mind for this project. You are so right.... It's bad enough we spend so much time drooling on fabric colour cards. Now we'll be doing it on thread cards too! It's all so YUMMY!

  3. Wow, what a great reference to the Pumpkin Vine Corner! :)

  4. Damn it! I just want to close on the house we're buying so I can Buy All The Pretties!

  5. fair prices and 2 day shipping ! that's amazing ! There does seem to be a lot of difference from shop to shop in shipping practices it would be good to get the scoop on the actualities. At one online shop I was charged for the larger shipping envelope and when my package arrived they had squeezed it into the smaller envelope but no adjustment was ever made - I haven't been back
    Thanks for the good review on a fair business owner.
    Colleen @

  6. Gorgeous thread card full of gorgeous threads! I hope our sad dollar bounces back soon so I can shop again!