Friday, October 10, 2014

Finish Along 4: The Next Generation!!

It's time for Finish Along 4 at The Littlest Thistle with Katy Cameron!

Now, I know that you noticed that I didn't post my finishes for the FAL3. And I would like to say that I didn't post because I have been winning alot of things lately and I felt selfish asking for more, which is true. 

But, the real reason that I didn't post is because ever since The Kid moved out, and we've had the house to ourselves, The Hubster and I have been having too much fun together, and the time just slipped by. 

So shoot me;) Lol! 

Here are my projected projects to be finished by December 31st.
I hear you laughing, Smarty Pants. You'll see, this is a completely realistic list...

I am loving how the Golden Yellows of Late Summer are blending and melding with the Plaids and deeper, richer Values of Fall.
Item 1: Fall-ing in Love web string quilt

I am thinking a 'totem' or slashed column improv quilt! Woo!
Item 2: The Chick-a-Dee-Dee-Dee Lap Quilt

I say 'Holiday' Quilt because I tend to leave my decorations
up from Thanksgiving until, say, ... March!! This quilt will

be inspired by Amanda Jean's Sunday Morning Quilts, and 

Jera Brandvig's Quilt as You Go Made Modern. I've been 
Wanting to learn this technique, and now I'm going to! So it's a 
two-fer, and who doesn't love that??! I am joining a 
Quilt Along for this quilt at Quilting in the Rain. Come join us!!
Item 3:  Red and White Holiday Quilt

Item 4: Pillows, Mug Rugs and Table Runners

Have you seen my sewing room??!!! It is filled to over flowing with bins of scraps, sorted by

size, waiting to be used. But instead, I think I am going to use the scraps from these projects
(above) and make pillows, mug rugs and/or table runners to go along with them. The scraps can wait. I'm pretty sure they don't mind, because I am also pretty sure they multiply when I'm not looking...

I am finishing this TODAY. If it kills me. Which it might.
Item 5: Fall Granny Square Quilt

And Lastly,

Because I think I'm gonna need it!

I hope you are having a wonder-filled Fall or Spring!!

PS, Yes, I am still going to finish the Bikini Quilt, Bind Sarah's Quilt, and maybe, hopefully, gratefully quilt and bind Kirsten's Quilt. Along with all of the sundries from my FAL3 list. But I won't enter them in the FAL. Unless they're completely fabulous... which is possible... you know!!


  1. The colors and placement of your Fall-ing in Love web string quilt is stunning! I hope you enjoy your sweets and have fun on your projects. :)

  2. If you need help finishing that last item, let me know and I'll help! Unless it's banana, then you're on your own!

    Great list - I need to make a crafty to-do list too...

  3. I need to start my Granny Squared quilt. The cutting is daunting.

  4. Not laughing at all. Do you have any leftover pie? Unless it's banana, I'm deathly allergic, but it looked like it might be lemon...?

  5. Lemon meringue folks!! And it's all Miiinnnneee!! Hehe!

  6. I think maybe you meant to link this post to Scraptastic Tuesday rather than the one about radioactive reindeer! I kept looking for information about fabric scraps but came to the conclusion that the reindeer must have eaten them to reduce their radioactivity, though if I was the reindeer I would enjoy the mushrooms that kept me alive and the Sami hungry!


  7. I love the colors in your Spider Web blocks!! It looks like a starry night

  8. Oh my gosh I could eat that piece of pie right now! Yum! I love the way you put colors together, your quilts are beautiful!!