Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall-ing in Love

Here is Alaska, we spend July in a gluttony of strawberry face jamming, perennial flower cacophony, and salad green stuffage. 

As our Earth begins to tilt us away from our endless Summer Sun, August brings us our first dive into darkness and her star spangled wonders, in three months. Three long months filled quite literally to overflowing with sun, joy, friendship and bluegrass music. In other places, people mourn the loss of summer, but, here, we rejoice in the return of so many things unseen for so long.  

My Rudbeckia have really hit their stride and make excellent cut flowers, too :)

August brings Night back to us. Night with her silky darkness, her spangled gauze of stars, and the Aurora Borealis. Dark, Clear, crisp, colder nights in which to slow the pace, enjoy being together where you are, and look back with satisfaction upon a season well used, and not yet done. 
The Moon is met and happily followed in her phases. August is a time to stand in the back yard and look towards the Heavens and be content, and then be suddenly surprised and delighted by green flashes of brilliance that magically dance across the curtain of stars above you. We have Full-Moon lit nights in which to wander trails well known in daylight, and mystically silvered and mysterious, now. 

I live right below O'Malley Peak, the sharply pointed one! 
And August brings us a time of Plenty. A time of Harvest. The rivers and ocean are filled with five different species of salmon, each named for its fleshly delighted color, or its use: Red, Silver, Pink, Dog and Chum. Guess which your fourlegged friend gets to eat all winter? 
Blueberries and Crowberries and Nagoon berries flood the bushes, high and low. Cranberries and Currents tempt us to make jellies. Salmon eggs harvested from the fish as we catch them, are salted and put up in jars, or eaten in a delicately delicious omelette, but only for a week, before they’re gone. Beluga whales now routinely forage in and out of Turnagain Arm, the flash of their milky backs surprising and delighting tourists and locals alike; for they all stop to wonder that such a marvel still exists.

I like to take an early morning wander and see who has been there before me. Living their secret lives throughout the night. 

It is time to bring in the honey. Nectar sweet golden summer tinted delight, it represents all that has been, and holds promise for all that will come. Thoughts of Blueberry studded buckwheat pancakes, piled high, steaming under a drizzle of this nature’s delight, and a catch-up with the neighbor over a cuppa joe, warm the morning.

Carrots from the Farmer's Market. Next year I will put in raised beds and grow my own. Deelish!!!
August means a return to Quilting and the symphony and concerts; all abandoned for Summer’s pressing necessity to garden, entertain and travel.

September brings us yellow, gold and firey red tinted wonder, briefly, stunningly, startingly quickly. The mountains flush beginning with their fireweed laden toes, and proceed in a stately manner, after an initial maidenly blush, to adorn themselves with maroon, red, chartreuse and sun splashed yellows. The air begins to smell of fallen leaves. An apple-crisp wind brushes the seed heads of the shoulder high grasses, who then whisper sweet nothings into your golden sun drenched ear. We have Long, surprisingly warm, sunny days in which to wander our world and consider the grace and glory in which we live.

A Blessing of days. A Time to remember those who are not here, and be Grateful for all that we have, and rest before the busyness of Life returns.

I have been using my rest time to surf among the Stash, and ponder Fall inspired quilts. Do you think I can get them done in time for the end of the third quarter of the Finish Along? ;)
I don't seem to be done with Yellow and Blue, quite yet!!

A Quilt to celebrate the Fall return of the chickadees. Woohoo!

Happy Fall!! 
I hope you have a moment today that brings you Joy,


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  1. Since I live in an area with few changes - perpetually sunny So Cal with a touch of fog/overcast and never enough rain - I love seeing your photos and thoughts about the changes in your area. I love the fabric bundles! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying the stories of Alaska!! Although right about November, I will be dreaming ALOT about southern California!! XX!

  2. I live in the desert. We get two main seasons (summer and winter) and then a few weeks of spring and fall. I love seeing photos of the seasons across the country. Makes me want to move. :)

  3. Beautifully written post. I am reading at 3:00 a.m. being up with the baby and was transported out of this dark windy night for a few moments to a sunny fall day.

  4. I love that black, grey, and yellow fabric pull. It's going to make a beautiful quilt! I hope to see the northern lights some day!

  5. I love that even your dog is yellow in this :oD I love the middle of summer with no dark. We're cantering towards 5 hours of daylight, it's depressing...

  6. I can tell from your writing how much you love AK. Great post. Thanks for bringing me along and showing me things I've never seen before!