Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday and Fabric Giveaway!!

It's WIP Wednesday!! 
Today, I have just a smitch to show you because...

Learn about Bees in Alaska and this quilt

I actually completed a project!

Binding! Free at last! Here.  And A triangle tutorial Here.

I know! I'm shocked, too!

I'm pattern testing 'Canvas' a pattern by She Can Quilt, that is coming out soon. Please check out her blog or IG account for more fab pics of what she has done. 
 (I am so sorry to have to say this, but please do not copy her pattern without her permission. So much of that going around, ugh! But I know you wouldn't do that, so on to...)
Here are the colors I am planning on using to make pillows to go with the Bee-Inspired quilt.

What do you think? I think I might need a different orange-yellow as those two might be too close in color?

'Canvas' pillows pattern and pieced by She Can Quilt 

Don't forget to enter the 
FABULOUS FABRIC and PATTERN GIVEAWAY here! Winners drawn on Saturday, just in time for Mother's day (you know, in case you haven't gotten her anything yet;) )

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at the fabulous Freshly Pieced. What a gal, she really is fabulous :)



  1. I really enjoyed reading about your quilt and the bees! Love it that you raise and keep bees! And keeping them in the tub - pure genius! Plus, it is pretty funny. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Blue and yellow together are my most favorite combo.

  2. Your finished triangles quilt looks fantastic! Love the bold colors, and yeah I would pick out a different orange/yellow, for more contrast.

  3. Your triangles are fantastic, and I love the pillows you made to go with them. Good job on a finish.