Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paintbrush Studio's New Block Blog Hop and Giveaway!!

Welcome to day three of the 
2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop!!

Today, I have my Parisian Tiles Block pattern using Paintbrush Studios lovely Ocean Sunrise inspired theme.

These lovely Painter's Palette fabrics were provided to us by Paintbrush Studios, to make 12 1/2" blocks with. These blocks will all be sent back to Yvonne, Quilting Jet Girl, who will assemble them into several quilts for charity. How awesome is that??!! There is also a fabric giveaway, so hop on over and win yourself some love!

What reminds you more of Ocean's and Summers than a Nautically inspired quilt???
Meet Parisian Tiles, my 12" finished block.

Parisian Tiles makes up into a lovely Queen sized quilt with only 12 blocks!! Quick and easy for your Summer time decor!

You will need:
a FQ, each of:

Starch to stabilize bias blocks
A 12 1/2" Square ruler to square up your block
Rotary cutter, mat, Aurifil 50 thread in 2600, grey
80/12 needle

Cutting: (WOF is width of fabric, in this case, a fat quarter or 21")

White fabric;
(3), 2" WOF strips
(1), 4" WOF strip, subdivide into 4" Squares

Daydream fabric;
(1), 3" WOF strip

Midnight fabric;
(1), 4" WOF, subcut into 7 1/2" lengths
(2), 3" WOF strips

Left Half of Block:
(2), White 4"squares
(1), Midnight 3" by 9" strip
(2), White 2" by 9" strips
(2), Daydream 3" by 7" strips

Assemble Left Half of block as above:
  • White square, Daydream strip, White strip, Midnight strip, White strip, Daydream strip, White square
  • NOTE: Notice that the strips are all sewn from the same leading edge so that the bottom of the edge is straight. If your edge is not straight, rip and repiece. If your edge is almost straight, with less than 1/8" variation, it will be fine, as this edge will be in the seam when we combine the two sides of the block.
  • PRESS all seams in one direction, using starch and no steam. The starch will help to stabilize the block as we piece the two sides together. 
  • While hot from pressing, place the block under a heavy book to ensure super flatness. 

Let's Trim!!
  • Using a 12 1/2" Square Ruler, place the center line 3/8 of an inch from the bottom, straight, edge, as seen above.

  • Center top edge (at 12 1/2" corner) in the Midnight strip, maintaining the bottom edge of your block on the center line. 
  • Holding ruler in place, trim both sides. 
Right Half of block:
(1) White 2" by 21"  strip
(1) Midnight 3" by 16" strip
(1) White 2" by 11" strip
(1) Midnight 4: by 7 1/2" strip

Assemble Right Half of block:
  • Mark the centers of each strip using a pin or by folding and finger pressing
  • Match the centers and pin, beginning with the White 2" by 21" strip and following the order, above. Sew in sequence
  • Press, using starch, and no steam, and weight to lie flat.

Trim the block:
  • Line the center line of the 12 1/2" ruler 3/8" from the bottom (long White edge) of the block, as above.
  • Align the point of the corner of the ruler, with the center of the Midnight strip, as above.
  • Trim along both sides.

Assemble the Block:

  • Line the two halves of your block, longest  hypotenuse, together, 

  • Keeping bottom, long, edges together, sew with a 1/4" seam, attending to seams so that they do not flip while sewing. 
  • Press, folding seam to the long white strip
Trim the block:

  • Align the center line of the 12 1/2" square ruler with the center seam you just sewed. 
  • Trim the block around the outside edge of the entire ruler.
Repeat 11 more times and you have a quilt flimsy!! Wooo!!

For added zest, you can change up the colors to make the quilt 3D!!

Please check out the other Bloggers' Patterns!!!
Wednesday, March 30th


  1. A gorgeous block! Love the quilt design!

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    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

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