Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sew My Stash 2015 Throwdown!!

A New Year and new beginnings! 
I'm gonna list my goals for 2015, and you can help me stick to them! 

For the blog, I want to up the friendly and helpful factor. Make a menu bar, make pages for Tutorials and have more links to fun stuff for you and the fam. 

For me, I want to take more walks just to explore. Walks in moonlight, walks with the Dawg,

and The Hubster, 

Wee Wanders, you know! 
Denali From the trail in our backyard
Out wandering, exploring and seeing this beautiful World in which we live. 

For Sewing, well... 

There is Sew My Stash 2015 (#Sewmystash2015) over at Project Leasa
But it's too easy to set simple goals, post them, and then hope to win a prize, so Anita at Day Dreams of Quilts and I got together and we're hosting a THROWDOWN!!! (#sewmystashthrowdown) 
Oh no, This is not all of it... Not by a loooonnngg shot ;)

That's right!! You and a friend get together and challenge each other to actually, really, no foolin', finish the project that you said you would, in that month. The one who doesn't, sends the one who does, a little somethin' somethin'. What do you think?? Want to join us??! I'm pretty sure many of my gifts will be bawdy, but yours can be anything you like, sweet and pretty, thrifty, silly, whatever delights your imagination! 
So, here it is. My January list. You heard it here first. 


  • Complete piecing the top of my quilt for Fat Quarterly Curved Piecing Issue. This is SO exciting! I can't wait to fill you in on it more! 
Hmmm! Liking where this is going!
Will the final project bear any resemblance??

Check your inboxes for the February Paper Piecing Issue, cause I have a Fun project for you in there, too!! Woot!! 
  • Continue to stretch and grow and enjoy design.
  • Begin to design Maui Dreamin' Quilt
  • BitchesGetStitches Swap. I have a great idea for a sweet mini quilt. Now's the time to put that idea into action! Slightly rude, but mostly calming...
  • Microwave bowls. These are so handy!! Why didn't I see them sooner??! I am forever reaching for a kitchen towel to get hot soup/beverages out of the microwave. Why not just microwave the bowl of goodness right there in the transport device??! Brilliant!
  • Hashtag blocks for Molli Sparkles
  • Tutorials for Fat Quarterly Paper Piecing Issue - super point by point pics of paper piecing my project for beginners. I hope you'll love it!
  • Book Reviews. I have some doozies you're gonna LOVE!
  • Lots more stash love
OK, Anita!! Here it is! In writing!!! 
I am already beginning to make your gifts... LOL!
I will also be participating in:

Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts

ALYoF, A Lovely Year of Finishes over at Sewbittersweet Designs
A Lovely Year of Finishes

WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced

Finish it up Fridays with Crazy Mom Quilts

Scraptastic Tuesdays with She Can Quilt

Sunday Stash, with Molli Sparkles

And the Let's Bee Social party over at my friend Lorna's
You can always find these websites by clicking on the buttons in my sidebar. Have FUN!!!!
What are your goals for this year??



  1. Shut the front door! You can see Denali from near your house?!?! *jealous*
    Okay, now I will go back and read the rest of your post.

  2. Love that you are setting everyone to task! I don't have a stash so I won't be joining in (I know right? Booooring!) But I can't wait to see everyone's stash creations :)

  3. Just popped in to check out your blog back. You're fun! Love you're back yard! It's so WHITE!
    I'm going to be sewing my stash until Feb when Folk Song comes out. Then I'm going to keep going until something else tickles my fancy. But mostly keep going. I didn't buy any fabric for all 2013, so I feel like I can do it the easy way this time. ;)
    Nice to meet you!

  4. What an upbeat post! Your goals all sound like a lot of work... and a lot of FUN! Love the block with the curved piecing. Looking forward to reading all the exciting posts you have planned. Happy 2015!

  5. Wow Lori! You are gona be so busy!

  6. Surrounded by such beauty it would be hard to focus :) I love the idea of the challenge.

  7. What fun! It sounds like you have a firm grasp on celebration in store for 2015, which is going to be a joy to follow. I am so excited for your magazine contributions. :)

  8. Ha, well that lot will certainly keep you going for a while!

    If I had your neighbourhood, I'd go walking in it too, with or without the dug ;o)

    PS, best get going on the hashtags, they have to be in Molli's hand by the 19th!

  9. Lori - You are an inspiration. I started the year putting myself on a fabric diet so I could SEW MY STASH in 2015 and I have already broken it! Not once - I did that on the 2nd. Not twice - I did that last night at our SBMQG meeting at our local quilt shop. BUT THREE TIMES when I ordered 4 yards from Hawthorne Threads! What is wrong with me???? BUT NOW I will commit to sew my stash LOL

  10. Ambitious for sure! You'll get it all done..I have no doubt. Thank you so much for the Denali photos. You definitely live in God's country!