Thursday, September 25, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Alaska Edition

One thing I have learned from being forced to surf the couch for two months, is that the World is a Wide, Wild place. And here are some happenings from around The Frozen north, to prove it…

Party-crashing bear trashes Juneau toddler's birthday cupcakes

According to the Anchorage Daily News, A black bear crashed a toddler's birthday party in Juneau (AK) after it climbed onto the roof of a house, then burst through a skylight and landed in the living room. Fortunately, the guests hadn't yet arrived, the Juneau Empire reports.
Those in the house fled to adjoining rooms as the bear quickly recuperated, spotted Jackson's birthday cupcakes and started licking the frosting off them. The bear was inside the house for several minutes but did not wander back into the woods until Merrill deployed bear spray, according to the Empire, which also reports the bear may have been the same one that entered a  nearby home later that day. 
Talk about your unexpected guest!!
And then there's:
Palmer farm looks to learn lessons from milking musk oxen

Believe it or not, musk ox milk is a real hit in coffee. It's rich and fatty and not the least bit offensive in flavor, at least according to taste tests by managers at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer.
This last Spring, when cows started to wean their babies, managers decided to try milking the musk oxen.

Musk Ox Farm executive director Mark Austin said historical records show mixed results when it comes to how much milk a musk ox can produce. The first known milking of musk oxen at the farm was done in the late 1980s, when the Palmer location first opened. Musk oxen don't produce much milk, but because of that it's rich with fat and protein. Austin said they thought musk oxen could generally produce about a cup of milk a day.
Alexis Daggett, an intern from Wisconsin, grew up with milking goats.  She said milking musk oxen is not that different from milking goats or any other kind of herd animal. The biggest difference is the long guard hairs that cover the musk ox. You have to be cautious not to pull them, Daggett says. 
Earlier this week, they used it to make chocolate fudge. The verdict?"It was delicious," Curtis said. "Really creamy."

And then, the coolest newlyweds I have ever seen...

This  Saskatchewan couple win my award for most innovative use of weather in wedding photography. Don't you agree??!!!
Have a Wonder-Filled Day!


  1. That is too funny about the bear. A little sugar to recuperate does wonders, I guess.

  2. Well! This is a very interesting blog post Lori. You have used your couch surfing time wisely. ;) First of all... holy crap about the bear literally crashing the birthday party! Second, I don't think I would be brave enough to try milk from a Musk Ox. And on the third photo... I would be shaking so badly in fear of the tornado it would not be a pretty photo. But that is a very cool wedding photo. They must have an electrifying relationship. LOL!

  3. That bear is like my kids: lick the frosting leave the cake.
    I love funny news

  4. I love this post! Thanks for sharing your news - that wedding photo is wild!!

  5. I chuckled the whole way through this post (maybe even snorted my tea ...)

  6. I do hope you have plenty of cupcakes on hand, just in case. Failing that, I believe honey will suffice ;o)