Saturday, July 12, 2014

FAL 3 List. Let's Get 'Er Done!!

It's that time again!! Time to sit down and make a plan for this coming quarter. And this time, I'm gonna stick with it! ;) 
(At least, that's the plan, hahaha!)
Here are some of the exciting quilts and projects I am planning on working on. And of course, there will be plenty more as I go along!!! Check out the linky party and see what everyone else is planning. Fun!!!! Many thanks to the gracious and spunky Katy of The Littlest Thistle for hosting the Finish Along!!

Alison Glass Designs. What a FABULOUS QUILT!!!

SewSweetness is hosting a quilt along for the Tesselations Quilt!
Come Join us!!!!

My fabric pulls for the Tesselations quilt.
You like??
Number two in the Yellow and blue
Bee-Inspired Quilt Pillows. Scrap Busting is so much Fun!
Ok, I admit, there is almost no likelihood
that I will get to this, but I really really want to!!

Did you know that you can knit Hexagons??! Me Neither!! FUN!!!

FAL 3 list
Scrap pillow in yellows and blues
Scrap strata or other improv pillow in yellows and blues

Quilts to start:
Baby Quilt in pink and brown for a gift
NoodleHead Designs 241 Tote (in my dreams!!)
Tesselations quilt as part of SewSweetness quilt along
Xmas quilt
Design Girl Power quilt

Quilt to finish piecing:
Bikini Quilt
UR Sew Loved
Crochet Knit Hexagon Quilt

Quilt and Bind:
Kirsten Camper quilt
Sarah's Quilt
Jonathan's baby quilt
Granny Squares Wall hanging. Ok, so these are left from last quarter, but a girl's gotta dream, right??!

Now get out there and take on the World!!


  1. What lovely projects! I am totally in love with those fabrics for the tessellations quilt! Looking forward to seeing all that come together. Happy quilting! :-)

  2. that Tess quilt is on my christmas 2015 list sis! Send me the tote materials and Ill make it for you. You might even get it back....

  3. I really love the yellow and blues together. Def need to get this one done looks great!

  4. Beautiful colours you have chosen for your tesselation quilt. Love that purple pack, and the blues.

  5. This will be a lot of fun and you are a pro at triangles now! I got to see the original in person when Alison Glass came to my guild...amazing! Can't wait to see it come together:)

  6. I can barely manage to finish my bee blocks. How do you do it all? I really want to join the Tessalations, but... I will check out the timeline just in case I can manage it. Love the fabrics you picked. It will be stunning!