Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's an April Showers Giveaway!!!

A little background on who I am and why you’re here. I mean, other than to win that fabulous April Showers Giveaway!!  You need to know that I moved from New Jersey to Alaska. From the City to the Wild. From Outside to Inside.
Front Yard, I kid you not!

Here in Alaska, we have a term for the rest of the World. OUTSIDE.  Here, you really get the feel for the meaning of Out… Doors.  Doors signify the safety, dignity and sanctum of the home. To be outside of the door is to be alone in the harsh elements, out of luck, out of hope. And quite possibly, out of tea. 

And so it is with Quilts and Quilting. Everywhere there is not a Quilt is Outside of our love and care for each other. I’m not alone in thinking this.  Why, the thought that quilts signify Home and its shelter has even entered humanity’s mass consciousness.

Take picnics, for instance. Many folks actually take a quilt on a picnic with them, so they won’t be Out, alone and unprotected. The Brits bring a rug, so it’s more classy, but we see what they’re doing there. Even Out-door clothing is frequently ‘quilted’, signifying extra loft and warmth. (I tell ya, when you’ve spent a day out in the white and cold, even with great friends, you will be mighty glad you brought a little bit of home with you!)
Quilts and quilting signify Home and Home is usually in-doors in Alaska. When you are In-doors, enveloped in a quilt, you are IN where it is warm and bright, and full of love and smiles. People enjoy you. Everybody wants to know your name. Quilts say, “Come on in and set a spell and tell us how you’re doin’.”  So, you might think I quilt because it’s the IN thing to do;)  
In a way, Our quilty way, yes. I quilt because I love to show my caring for others, big and small, prickly or cuddly. When I make or share a quilt or handmade item I think of all of the things it can and will do for someone else.  My quilts can keep someone warm while they do work, keep the blues at bay, or bring memories of loved ones at a distance too great to span in any other way.  They can challenge, brighten a day, warm a night, soften a fall, soothe a soul.  How else could I, alone, do all of that? Quilting is my way of inviting everyone IN.  Of letting each and every one of you know that there is always a place where you will be warm, loved and accepted, no matter how far Out you are
Ooh! Deelish! Bundle purchased from Westwood Acres online fabric shop.

Giveaway is closed. Come back for another!!
And now, the Rules for the Giveaway.  I am giving away two Fat 1/8 bundles of eight fabrics each. This giveaway is open Internationally! You need to:
* Follow this blog,
* Pick a friend to share your bundle with (they need to follow this blog as well),
* Both of you, separately, leave a comment on this page saying how you are following, and who you have picked to share your joy. If one or both of you wishes to add to your potential proceeds, pick another friend to share the bundle with and just follow the rules a second or third or, gasp, fourth time!!!!!
* I will close this giveaway on April 5th,  at 12 noon, AK time. At which moment Heckyl the cat will knock the bowl of your names off of my desk… the name that sticks to him, wins!!!! Ooh! Ahhh! Much joyfulness! Don't forget to come back and see if you won! Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. Hi, popped over from Really Random Thursday, I have been to Alaska once and LOVED it. And I can't get over the little twins in your front yard. :) Just signed up to follow you through bloglovin. I think I would share the prize with my friend and fellow cancer survivor Lisa at Lisa Lisa and the Quilt Jam. :D Thanks for the chance!

  2. Hello. I love what you've written about a quilt being a part of home. I moved from Michigan to Florida and upon looking back at my pictures of the move I noticed that tucked visibly in my car among all of my worldly possessions were two quilts, both of which remind me of home. While I moved from necessity to follow my career, I was happy to take a bit of home with me, and I now continue to share in that idea of warmth, love, and memories by creating quilts myself. In doing so I am constantly reminded of my roots and of the wonderful talents of my mother and grandmother.

    I am now following your blog via my blogger dashboard, and I have asked my quilty friend and perhaps long lost cousin, the lovely Lorna M. at sewfreshquilts to share in your words and in your giveaway.

  3. Hi! Kelli at Seriously..I think it needs stitches (comment #1 above) just told me about your blog and giveaway! Fun! I feel the same way about quilts - they're to be used and loved. I've given away most of my quilts but am working on making more for me and my husband to keep. I'm following your blog on Bloglovin'. I'd share my bundle with Kelli (my fellow cancer survivor). And by the way, my best friend Alana is from New Jersey!

  4. Hello, Sew Psyched! Thanks to my long lost cousin, Mr. Briggs, I am now following via Bloglovin'. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading about your quilting adventures, high in the north country.

  5. How fun Lori! Looking forward to the younger sew projects. I will share my bundle with Shannon O. She will join soon. Denise

  6. Hi there. It's Shannon from Girdwood. I am going to share with my great friend Denise. Yippee I love friends who blog. I followed your blog.

  7. My husband is from Minnesota. He always says it's like living "one inch from death." You are safe on one side of the door, you could die if you are on the other side of the door...