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2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 60 free patterns!

Welcome to SewPsyched!!

Today concludes the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015, where more than 60 bloggers bring you unique quilt block designs for FREE!! Make sure to stop by all of the blogs listed at the end of this post to get your free patterns, and enter the giveaways

My block is Modern Dogwood. I hope you like it!!

Each of the bloggers on this hop were generously given 6 Fat Eights of Prairie Cloth Cotton Solids by Fabri-Quilt, and challenged to make a 12 1/2 x 12 1/2" block (12x12, finished size). I chose to use all 6 colors as a personal challenge to stretch myself and my design skills.

The Watermelon Summer bundle includes Chartreuse, Turquoise, Coral, Aqua, Lapis Blue, and White. Such delicious and evocative colors!

And in real life,

I cannot wait to make this into a quilt!!! If you choose to make a quilt top, check on back for full details on fabric requirements, and block sizes. 

Here are a couple of layouts I think you might like :)
When you put Modern Dogwood together with just one background color, you get a secondary pattern of a new flower with a pinwheel center. And who doesn't need pinwheels flirting in their garden??! 

OOH! What about fussy cutting some cuties flying kites for those centers?? Or perchance a Unicorn or two??

Or how about with Midnight Blue flowers, and one background color?

Or check out the two color background option!
Notice how the secondary patterns really emerge? I like how the aqua makes circles and the chartreuse pinwheels spin away in their flowers. Fun!!


Materials for one block:
(1) fat Eighth of each of 6 different colors. I used the entire watermelon fat 8th for each block, and half or less of each of the other colors. 
Aurifil 2600 for piecing
Templates (at the end of the post)

Step 1: Prep
  • Wash and press all fabric before beginning.
  • Print, and cut out templates. You may wish to glue them to card stock if you're planning on making more than one block. 
  • Print out outline block and color in the sections of the block so you know where each unit goes
  • Label  A, B, C and D templates with the number of each color that you will be cutting. 

Step 2: Cutting
Using Templates A,B, C, D and E,

Chartreuse - 4(A)
Lapis - 1(E)
Turquoise - 4(B)
Aqua - 4(B), 2(D)
White - 4(A), 2(D)
Coral - 8(C), 4(D)
  • Below, I will show how to fold F8ths to get the number of cuts necessary for each template, in order to make 4 blocks at once.
TIP: I like to use a dab of glue to hold the template temporarily in place as I cut.
Template D

Flower Petals (Coral) Templates D and C, folded in half and again (4 layers)

Template B

Flip Triangle Template A point down and cut next triangle immediately adjacent to first triangle,proceeding across the strip, flipping and cutting as you go.

Step 3: Sewing Units
Layout units in the form of the finished block.Beginning with corner units, sew all identical units for the block. 
Line up chartreuse and white A triangles at your machine and chain piece all of them in pairs. 

Press, with a dry iron, toward the Dark Side 

 Align Coral and Chartreuse/white unit on your machine, and chain piece 

Sew the Curved Petal blocks
**You may wish to increase your stitch length to 3.0, and use an edge stitch foot

 Fold curved unit, WST, and crease to mark the center of the curved edge,

Fold the Arch unit, RST, finger press to mark the center of the inside curve

Match centers, RST, and pin at center

 Pin beginning of curved edge, about 1/4" in,

Needle down in fabric, and PULLING THREADS to keep your fabric from sucking down into your machine, sew up to your first pin, 

Remove pin and sew to within 1/2" of center pin. STOP with your needle down. Remove pin.

Bring ends of curve together and pin 1/4" in from end, making sure that edges are even. Continue to sew along edge stretching fabrics so that edges meet, guiding fabric throughout.

Smooth and even!
Sew Center Unit

 Sew White Triangles,

 Press towards center block.

Add Aqua D Triangles. They will align exactly with the outside edges of the White D Triangles. Press toward Aqua.

Step 4: Assemble Block

Lay out units in columns,

Assemble side units into one strip, pressing towards the center, and pressing center seam toward dark fabric.

Assemble center section, pressing seams toward outside edge.

Sew sections together, nesting side seams, and pinning. Press all seams towards outside edge of block. Do not stretch block, simply press firmly. 

Yay! Modern Dogwood!!

A jillion thanks to our wonderful advisors and organizers, Yvonne @ QuiltingJetGirlStephanie @Late Night Quilter , Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs and Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination ! Stop by their blogs to enter the giveaway of HALF YARDS of the Watermelon Summer fabrics!! Woo!!

I would also like to sincerely thank Fabri-Quilt for sponsoring this blog hop and so very generously giving more than 62 people free 6 packs of fat eighths. Won't you stop by their blog and see more of what other folks are up to?? Don't forget to enter the giveaway, there, too!!

(psst!! You will be seeing Stephanie on QNN soon!! Wowie!)

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    2. I have them in every pocket and every drawer!! So handy for so much in the sewing room!

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